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Mi-Ju Days: Path to Pro Chapter 4 by DarkHalo791 Mi-Ju Days: Path to Pro Chapter 4 by DarkHalo791
"Down this way, Misaki-chan," Jura directed Misaki.  They were looking at the Penguin exhibit where Jura was looking at a colourful Penguin that was chirping at a group of other penguins as if she were a princess ordering her servants around, "That one. That bossy looking one looks like one of my friends at the gym," she says, pointing to it.

"Do you get on good terms with her?" Misaki asked curiously.

"Un, most of the time," She replies quietly, "Though sometimes, she'd be rough on me in sparring.  For my own good, she said.  Her..m-method of practice is harsh,"

"Well, that seems... mean," Misaki commented before directing her attention to Jura, "anyway, this place is wonderful."

"She means well, so...I'm not cross with her," She then grabs Misaki's hand gently pulling her toward the large underwater tunnel just across the way that's surrounded by the aquatic life in the main aquarium's tanks, "Ikimashou, Mi-chan, this is what I wanna show you," She says to her with a warm smile.

The sight of this was truly blessing, Misaki gazed at what Jura had showed her. "Kore ha nan desu ka?!" She asked while staring at it in awe.

Walking slowly along the tunnel, they were surrounded by the aquatic life from the two main aquarium tanks.  Turtles, Manta Rays, Stingrays, sharks and other tropical fish swam around, including a Whale Shark that was surrounded by its own school of small fish, "This  place...we're under the main tanks of the aquarium here.  it's like we're surrounded by the ocean.  To me, it's the calmest place in the entire world," Jura says coming to the spot in the middle of the tunnel that's become her favourite over the years she began boxing.

Misaki could understand why Jura enjoys coming here. The calm serenity of the ocean, the peaceful sight of the animals, and the silence among the tunnel where no one besides her and Jura are present.

"Ju-chan," she said before bending down, "I'm not sure whether I said this to you yesterday or not, but I'm really glad to have met you."

Jura squat down reaching out to hold Misaki's hand as she looks at the peaceful aquatic life in front of them, "And you can keep saying that as much as you want, Mi-chan.  I' happy I got to meet you, too.  Sugoku ureshii desu."

"Whenever I hold hands with you," Misaki continued talking as she grabs Jura's other hand gently, "I feel your firm, yet beautiful power flowing through my arms. It's a warm feeling that keeps me from freezing in front of my fears." Now she was the one to press her forehead against Jura's.

Jura squeezes Misaki's hands gently a few times, gazing at her with her shimmering puppy dog eyes, "I've...never had someone that I could really share my thoughts with, or face the difficulties I've had with.  I feel like we can be brave in front of whatever is put in front of us if we're together, Mi-chan."

"Even if we're in the ring boxing each other, I won't feel anything except for happiness and love for you. I'll always be with you, Ju-chan, to fill in the void you always carried when you grew up with a mother's hatred." She looked directly into Jura's puppy eyes with her golden glimmering eyes. "I want you to meet my mother... because today... I wish for you to feel the soft touch of a mother's love."

"M-Misaki-chan?"  Jura's eyes moistened up upon hearing such a thing.  She wrapped her arms around Misaki's waist, drawing her in so their bodies pressed against each other, "Mi-chan...Mi-chan...I have something to give you before you introduce me.  After dinner, we'll go see her.  I-I'm so..." Jura's tears welled up, she couldn't say her next words.

Before Misaki could reply happily to comfort Jura, her stomach made an awful noise, like it was demanding to be filled. Her cheeks were blushing lightly for being embarrassed by her grouchy stomach.

Jura looked at her for a second, then giggled, "You're...hungry, desu ne?  I want to do one more thing here, before going to my place for dinner." she says turning her body to face the thick plexiglass wall containing the aquarium around them.  She guides Misaki close to the wall.

"Whooooaa." She let out amazed once more.

Jura extends her hands to touch the wall, then closes her eyes and begins to breath deep, long breaths.  They're deep, but calm breaths, "Ahhhhh....Hmmmm....Ahhhhh...Hmm....,"

"Join in, Mi-chan," Jura says in between on of her breaths, "I let go of all of my fears...bad thoughts and experiences like this.  Whenever I was pushed around...or had a tough time in sparring, or was bullied; this is where I'd go to let it all out."

Misaki took her advise to do the same with her troubles. She walks towards the wall, stands right next Jura, reaches out to the the wall with her hand, then take deep, tranquil breathes. Jura was glad to see Misaki's facial expression being cleared of any trembling thought, suddenly the girl who stared her meditation today grab Jura's hand, raising it in midair along with her hand.

"It's to help relieve ourselves of any misery we carry, ne?"

And so they did for a few minutes, making this meditation even more soothing because this time, neither are alone anymore.

"Ne, Misaki-chan," Jura said, finally stopping her little exercise, "What did you think of that?"

"You were right to take me here. It's a place of serenity where you can let go of your worries, the beauty of the ocean itself, and when you're with someone you love," The gentle girl goes for a hug, "it's the best feeling you can ever get."

Jura squeezes Misaki's waist in their embrace, buzzing her nose on Misaki's, "I'm so happy I can share this with you."

Once they came close to each other with a hug, they would be leaving the tunnel. Before that however, "So is there anything you want to do," Misaki asked gazing into Jura's brown puppy eyes, "before we leave this beautiful place?"

"I've shown you the very thing I wanted to show you here, Mi-chan," Jura said to her, "What about you, before we have dinner at my place?  I have something I want to give you to you once dinner is over,"

"In the ring you gave me multiple kisses on the cheek, and in the locker room, I was to sudden with that kiss." she remarked before letting go of Jura's waist, then places both palms of her hands on the cheeks of the winner. "And since we're here in this peaceful aquarium..."

Jura didn't let go of Misaki's waist, a little surprised by her move, "Misaki-chan..,"

Slowly moving close to Jura, Misaki pressed her lips onto those of her special girl, delivering the most heartfelt kiss. Jura tighten her hold on Misaki's waist; not hard, just softly. She would always listen to Misaki's passionate words, as would Misaki would always listen to Jura's passionate words. As the two share this moment, two dolphins on the other side of the wall came into contact with each other forming a shape of a heart.

Jura began to melt into the kiss Misaki was giving her, not caring who or what was around them.  She gently stroked Misaki's long, flowing raven hair as their kiss continued.  Slowly, she deepened the kiss into a more passionate one, gently opening her mouth so their tongues could swirl around each other.  Not erotic, but passionate. Mi-chan, moments like this should never end. Jura thought to herself.

The kiss was not only passionate, but it was also longer than the last one. Ju-chan, you always did surprise me more than I did for you. If only moments like this were to last. Both girls break their kiss satisfied with one another while the dolphins went back to swimming around the ocean.

"Shall we go to your place, Ju-chan?" She asked with a soothing tone.

"Un, let's go, Mi-chan," Jura slides her body away from Misaki's, offering to hold hands as they exit the area.  She looks at Misaki, then at all of the aquatic life who witnessed the tender moment, "Arigatou, fishies.  Mi-chan and I are happy together," She giggles lightly, pulling Misaki to her direction.  Her apartment is only a 5 minute walk from the aquarium.

"The snow is so beautiful, don't you think so, Ju-chan?" She wondered as they almost reach the apartment.

"Hai." Jura answered lifting her open hand in the air giving a spot for a lonely small snowflake to land. "Yuki ga kirei desu."

Misaki spotted a lonely snowflake on her side, then reaches out for it to land on her hand. "These two resemble our once lonely selves, but when they soak onto our warm palms, they won't feel the coldness." Just then, Jura stopped while Misaki moved ahead by a few steps. Then she looked to the direction Jura's direction was directed to.

"So this is your apartment, Ju-chan?"

Jura held onto Misaki's hand as they walked through the main door and over to the elevator, "Un.  This is the place where you might say my mother 'exiled' me to.  It's not very big, but it's comfortable enough for two.  I hope it's okay, Mi-chan."  She presses the button for the elevator.  Once it arrives, the two girls enter and Jura presses the button for the 5th floor.

The elevator opens up on the 5th floor.  Jura looks at Misaki, holding her hand, pulling her along to her place, stopping to unlock the door to #508. 

Inside the apartment, it's small, but still roomy if Jura had guests.  The laundry area is directly to the right of the door, and the bathroom has a big enough bathtub for two to sit in it comfortably.  Jura's futon bed rests on a wooden frame, with a small table in the centre of the one-room apartment.  On the book shelves are her books, CD's and BD's, a radio on the roof of the shelf turned on for the girls to listen to music, plus a framed photo of her, and her three friends a year previously at the gym; her first time there.  Her notebook computer rests on a desk next to the HDTV.  Even the kitchen is neat and tidy.  What really accentuates the apartment however, were the numerous posters of Tamao Silver hanging all over the walls.

"Woooooww," Misaki said after taking a look inside of the apartment. "This may be small, but it's has such a soothing aura surrounding this apartment. Your place is better than where I live." She paused after realizing what she said and looked slightly downwards.

"Iie, Misaki-chan," Jura says to Misaki, wrapping her arm around her waist, "This might be small, it might be newer than where you live, but at least you had the warmth of your mother's love.  It might be comfortable here, but I've always felt alone and abandoned, especially on my first night here.  The only thing that really kept me company and really motivated me are on the walls; Tamao-sama.  I wanted to be like her so much.  If I did that, then I'll have proven my own mother wrong about me.  Now, having you here for the first time, I don't feel so alone anymore."

She takes her shoes off, and offers to take Misaki's jacket to put in the closet, "Make yourself comfortable, Mi-chan.  I can start making something to eat, ne?" She smiles at her warmly.

"There's something... that I've been meaning to get off my chest," the guest says as she takes off her shows, "so if it's alright with you... can I tell you about it while we're eating?"

"Un, Iin desu yo, Mi-chan.  Please, get warm under the kotatsu," Jura strokes Misaki's back in an inviting manner.  She begins working in the small kitchen area, slicing up cabbage, tomatoes and getting things ready to make an easy Ton Katsu dinner.  On the table in the centre of the one-room apartment is a small basket of Christmas chocolates and caramel filled chocolates.  A few minutes later, Jura addresses Misaki, "Jyaa, w-what is it that you wanna say, Mi-chan?"

"It's about what happened to both my mother and I once she contracted CAD..." She remorsefully said.

Jura flinched a moment as she got the Ton Katsu in to the skillet for frying, "Ah...s-sou desu yo. G-Go on, Mi-chan."

"You see, my father... or rather, he used to be my father..." Misaki rephrased trying to put it in a way Jura will understand. "... he had enough of both me and my mother for being weak, so what he did was..." she had trouble saying it clenching her hands on top of legs. "He evicted us from our old house."

Jura closed her eyes for a moment, hearing Misaki's tale.  It sounded all too familiar to her.  A few minutes later, she was putting the finished meal onto the table.  Chopped cabbage, Ton Katsu, salad and a couple glasses of orange juice was ready for them, "That's...the same for me,"  she said, sitting next to Misaki.

"When I was younger... I got sick all the time, and I was clumsy, as if I couldn't do anything right.  My mother's a businesswoman.  A very strict one.  She never, ever wants to see failure, and that's what she always saw me as compared to Aria-neesan.  Even if I got a high score on my assignments at school, she'd wonder where the missing percentage was...even if it was on a score of 97%.  Then I took up boxing, and didn't have a great start.  After seeing me doing well, but not good enough to win sparring challenges, well....this is where I am now.  Out of sight...out of mind.  She barely even paid attention to my pro-trial, and...a-and I turned my own back to her."

"And right now, I'm living inside a room located at one of the corners of the gym. A women who worked there knows my mother from high school; they were on good terms, so she convinced the manager for me to stay there for a limited time. The only issue is that it's hard to pay for rent while saving money to use for curing my mother, and that the manager will be soon kick me out of there. But I know that someday, when I become as good as you, I'll make those issues go away. Even if it will be a long struggle of agony, I will still go far to."

"Hmmmm," Jura thinks for a moment, handing Misaki her share of the dinner, "Hai, douzo."  She pats her hands together, "Itadakimasu," then before she takes her first bite she addresses Misaki, "Are you living alone in that room.  I've known of the guest room attached to the gym, but I've never been up there."

"Yes." Misaki answered silently. "Unfortunately, the guess room will be closed in less than a month. So if I don't act fast finding another place to—" Before she could say more Jura place the tip of her finger on Misaki's lips.

"Ii yo, Misaki-chan.  You won't have any problem about your living arrangements," Jura says in a soft, warm voice.

"You really thinks so?" Misaki asked.

"Un.  Not if you're staying here with me.  You won't have any problems with your living arrangements," Jura says, smiling at the raven-haired girl.

The thought of Jura giving her a place to stay in stunned her more than the signature move,Tatsumaki Punch, used to beat her. "Are you sure... Ju-chan? I mean won't there be any troubles with another resident living in your apartment?"

Jura shook her head, "No, no trouble at all.  My agreement with the building allows me one extra person to stay in this place, not including guests, so don't worry about that, Mi-chan," she says, smiling at Misaki.

The smile cheered Misaki up, now she was smiling to. "This is what you wanted to give me, ne?

Jura once again shook her head, "Iie, it's something else I want to give you.  Let's eat first, and then I can give it to you.  Hai, Itadaku yo, Mi-chan,"  she points to her Ton Katsu dinner.

"Arigatou Jura-chan." She prepares to eat the delicious dinner Jura made. "Itadakimasu."

Jura takes several bites out of her meal, "D-dou desu ka?  I do my b-best when it comes to cooking, though I'm not the best..."

Taking a bite out of the fried chicken, Misaki's eyes open wide. "Chou oishii desu!" She described. "It's really out of this world!"  She continue taking bites out of it, then proceeds  to eat the sliced cabbage, finishing them much quicker before Jura could finish hers.

Jura giggles as she eats her meal slower than Misaki, "S-sou desu ka? I-I don't think I'm that good at cooking..."

"Uso da. Your cooking is as polished as your boxing skills." She said before starting the miso soup.

"I'm...I'm glad you think so, Mi-chan," Jura says, finishing up her Ton Katsu, then getting to her Miso soup, "I....don't get many chances to cook for guests.  Actually, I can hardly remember the last time I even had guests in here."

"If that's the case," Misaki told her as she winked to Jura, "then I'm honored to be your guest."

"Un, ureshii desu," Jura says, scooting closer to Misaki, "It's...warmer in here because you're here, Mi-chan.  It feels like a home for the first time here."

Misaki giggled feeling splendid to spend her time with Jura. Soon, Misaki finished her soup, so did Jura. Now all that was left for them was dessert.

"Deha, dessert time, Mi-chan," Jura offered up the bowl of very nice Christmas chocolates.  Caramel filled, coconut filled, mint ones, too, "One of the few girls who's been nice to me at the gym helps run a bakery across the street.  Kanata-san makes really good chocolates.  Douzo..M-Merry Christmas...,"

"Mmmmm," she hummed after having the taste sensation of chocolate surfaced on her tongue once she bite down it. "I should get to meet some of your friends, Ju-chan. It be interesting to spar with them, but you're the big challenge for me."

Jura gently pokes Misaki's cheek with her finger, "You were a challenge for me yesterday, Misaki-chan.  I can't wait to spar with you more and see your pro matches," She blushed a little, "M-maybe I could be in your corner for them..."

"So were you Ju-chan, and the one girl I finally faced in my first pro match." Misaki lay her head on Jura's shoulder. "That's one down, and more to come soon."

Jura picks up a piece of caramel chocolate, "And I want to cheer you on in all of them, Mi-chan.  Hai, aaaaahhn."

It was just like the Halloween party before Tamao and Maria's second match, they were feeding each other candy apples, now they were going to feed each other the remaining chocolate. Misaki opened her mouth for Jura to insert the chocolate, then they reversed so Jura could have her chocolate delivery from Misaki. "Now it's your turn, Ju-chan. Aaaaahh."

"Aaaahhn. Mmm," Jura lets the chocolate melt in her mouth before eating it, "Mmm...I love caramel chocolate," Jura picks up another to give to Misaki, "Haiii."

"Mmmmm" Misaki takes another chocolate from her host enjoying the taste of the caramel chocolate. Ju-chan, you make this Christmas the best. She thought to herself. Once the chocolate dissolved in her mouth, she picks up one more for Jura to finish. "Last one! Aaaaahh."

"Mmmmm," Jura takes the chocolate in her mouth, pressing her forehead against Misaki's, "'s sweet like you," she says, patting her shoulder.  She gets herself up and goes to her laptop on the desk, "Ne, Mi-chan.  Tell me about your mother's illness...if that's okay?"

"Un." She agreed. She walked up from the table to the futon bed inviting Jura to sit with her.

Holding her opened laptop with both of her hands, Jura came to the futon bed sitting down next to Misaki. "What are you doing, Ju-chan?" She asked trying to take a peak at the screen before Jura covers most of it.

"Chotto, ne," Jura says, turning so Misaki couldn't see the screen .  She sat far enough away on the bed so it wasn't visible to her at all, "Deha...m-maybe you could tell me.  A-about your mother's illness?"

"H-hai.", she stuttered. What is she hiding? I guess I'll find out after talking with her. Misaki then focused her eyes on Jura to tell her the story about her mother. "How my mother contracted a heart disease comes before my childhood. So it's best if I talk about that first." 

"Back when I was a little girl, I was always bullied for being the only child in the school with the poorest family. Pushed down several times, being stomped when the big girls get the chance, coming home covered in dirt and small bruises. And because we had issues at the house, my ex-father lashes out at me for letting those kids walk all over me. My mother, on the other hand, tend to my wounds. Even though she was worried about how the bullies messed with me, she said I was tough for never crying a single tear. But all the same, her former husband was always physically assaulting me despite the fact that I was described as one of the youngest academic aces in Tokyo, and that I could've reached somewhere higher for my family's sake, but I couldn't..."

Jura looks at Misaki straight in the eyes, her face turns to one of concern and sorrow, "S-sou desu.. We're...a lot alike aren't we?"

Misaki thought about it for awhile. "In what ways besides one of our parents looking down us separately and our academic grades?

"We've both been bullied...belittled and shoved around by our peers.  We both turned to the same thing to prove everyone wrong about ourselves.  We both...wanna show everyone and the whole world that we really ARE strong, and that we matter in this world...That we mean something," Jura said, staring straight into Misaki's eyes.

"And we are strong, because we forged a bond between us." She said cheering up a bit before switching back to the gloominess in her heart. "I wonder if we had met each other as children, then perhaps she wouldn't have..."

Jura tilts her head, "Eh? Wouldn't have..?"

"Around 6 years ago," Misaki continued with her tragic story, "due to the stress the man of the house caused for his family, my mother had a heart attack. It was about 9 months later when okaasan contracted coronary heart disease, he left us behind with no home, no money, no kind of support. All I could do was cry on the lap of my mother as she was placed on the hospital bed."
Jura's eyes widened, hearing all of this.  Her voice became shaky, "S-sonna...t-terrible father...doing such things to you and your mother, leaving you in such distress."

It still haunted the traumatized girl up to this day. "It was a good thing my mother had a sibling to look after me at that time. But due to the actions of my non-father, I could no longer attend school."

Jura's hand shook, " mother abused me for being weak, not so much physically as mentally.  But your father....such...horrible things he's done.  You don't deserve that,"

"Arigatou, for sympathizing with my past, Ju-chan, now that I think back when I became 14, about how I vowed to my mother I would grew up to become a great boxer even though I was tearful, she always had faith in me. You... reminded me of her."

Jura closed her eyes pensively for a second, "Kochira koso, Mi-chan.  Nobody's every said something like that to me before. But, what about your mother?  Can she be treated and become well again?"

"She can, the treatment for her condition is angioplasty, followed up by the required medicines after the procedure is done, but," Misaki opened her empty hands, " the cost for both necessary steps cost around $68,000."

"T-that much?" Jura stammers out before closing her eyes again in deep thought.  She looks back up to Misaki, "But that will cure her?  Definitely?  She'll be in perfect health after that?"

"All I can do now is pray." She stated softly. "My mother told me that she wants me to be happy unlike those times when I was little and alone, but I can't leave her behind for that. Not after everything she's done for me."

Jura stares at Misaki, her eyes are a little moist.  She closes them again, opening them a few seconds later with a soft smile. She does some typing on her laptop, "Ne, Mi-chan.  Can I have your bank and account number?"

"Eh?" Misaki was shocked to hear Jura ask her a random question like that, but she always trusted Jura, so she was okay with it. "Sure, give me second." She took out her wallet revealing a few cards, one she slide out of the pockets was her bank card giving it to Jura.

"Doumo," Jura says, smiling at Misaki. A few taps and glances at the bank card, some short wait times and she was done. "Here you are, Mi-chan," she hands the card back to Misaki. She doesn't show what she's done just yet.

Only Misaki could've wondered why she would ask for information on her bank account. But then she had some idea of what Jura's secret is. It was a day after there match, and Jura won the prize money. Could it be that...? "Masaka! Ju-chan, you... "

Jura pulls the night table between them and away from the futon, resting the laptop on it.  She pulls the screen up so Misaki could see it.  There it was:  Transfer- from Account holder: Yukinoshita Jura to Account holder: Aoki Misaki.  Sum: $75,000.  Approved.  "Hora, Mi-chan.  Because your mother cares about you, and you deserve all the time in the world with her.  Merry...Christmas," She says, warmly smiling and looking at the raven-haired girl.

That left Misaki completely speechless, having obtained the money to cure her mother from the girl she fell in love with, she doesn't know where to begin. She motioned her head down shaking from the wonderful things Jura did for her today. She came close to the girl who was ready to burst into tears of joy wanting to see if she's okay, only for her to be jumped on by Misaki! With a crying friend on top of her and the futon underneath her, Jura wrapped her arms around Misaki's waist, pressing on it lightly with her strong hands. There heads where right next to each other: Jura was facing up to the ceiling, while Misaki buried her face onto the blanket of the futon letting her emotions out.

Jura gently patted the weeping Misaki's back and stroked her long, soft raven hair smiling warmly.  She tightened her embrace, pressing their bodies closer together, "Hai, it's all true.  I did that just now.  Just for you.  Let it all out.  Let it all out, Mi-chan, and have many more Christmases with a mother...who loves you so much."

For 10 whole minutes, Misaki poured her tears out onto the bed while hugging Jura who soothed her pain and sorrow. All that suffering she had in her heart was now filled with joy and care from her very girlfriend. 7 minutes passed, and another music played from the radio. This one, however, had a fitting tone for this touching moment. The sounds of a piano beginning, followed by small beats, and a voice of an angel, the song was known as Koubou sung by Mami Kawada. Along the minutes she mumbled something, but into Jura's ear.

"I love you, Ju-chan. I always loved you from afar, always wanting to build up the courage to tell you how much I admire you for being talented. For being yourself. For being so kind to me. You understood the distressful experience I lived through because you also went through it, you even gave me a place to stay, and now... you given me hope for the well-being of my mother... I'll... I'll always love you.

Jura tightens her embrace, running her fingers through Misaki's silky smooth black hair.  Her eyes are moist, not just from feeling the emotional outpouring from the girl she likes so much, but also from what she's said to her, "N-nobody's told me that outside of my older sister," she says, pressing her forehead against Misaki's, "You've really loved me all that time from afar?'re here in my arms now...the one person who's said that to me for real.  I don't...want to let go.  Daisuki, Mi-chan.  Motto suki desu yo.  Let' strong together."

"We will be strong... you and I. I don't want to let go of you either, but," she opened her eyes facing Jura with them, "we'll still have to go and introduce yourself to my mother, just as I promise."

Jura helps lift them both up to a seated position on the futon, then pulls themselves up to a standing position still holding onto Misaki by the waist, "Hai, I haven't forgotten that, Mi-chan. Demo...First, I want to do something.  Look up, Mi-chan."  She glances upward.

And what she could find by looking up? A mistletoe hanging on the ceiling. "Oh Ju-chan," she said happily, "Of cour—."

Misaki didn't get to finish her sentence. When the lyrics came to the word "Rise" entering the final phase of the music, Jura pulled her in, slowly pressing her lips against hers in a tender and sweet kiss.  Misaki's eyes dropped half way from the first few seconds of the kiss, then closed all together as each girl wrapped their arms around each other, deepening the kiss so their tongues could swirl around one another.  It would be a few minutes before Jura broke the kiss to stare in to Misaki's eyes with her shimmering brown puppy dog eyes, "Merry...Christmas, Mi-chan.  Daisuki da yo.  You deserve this happiness."

"Merry Christmas to you to... Ju-chan." Misaki wished while staring into Jura's eyes with her golden glimmering eyes. "Daisuki yo zutto. And I'll share my happiness with you."

Jura kissed Misaki once more softly on the lips, "How I wish we had met long ago. We might be even stronger than we are now.  Mi-chan, you can call this place home from now on.  Some day, I'll have an even better place for us to call home, and even have a place in it for your own mother if you wish.  Some day...,"

"Yes, I would love that." Misaki pressed her forehead onto Jura's as they looked out the window together, seeing the serenity of the snowfall as the clock on the 2nd floor of one book shelf displayed the time, 9:39 p.m.

"Shall we...go see your mother, Misaki-chan? Jura says softly to Misaki, still holding her close.

"Un!" Misaki replied happily.

Getting ready to leave, Misaki squirmed her feet into her warm black shoes, put her pure white coat on before she ties a scarf with a star on one corner around her neck.

Jura put on her long winter coat.  It wasn't particularly thick, but it was a well insulated one, dark grey in colour and flowing down just to the end of her hips.  She slipped on a pair of black winter boots and wrapped a navy blue scarf around her neck.  She placed a pair of white winter earmuffs on her ears, then looked at Misaki, "Jyaa, Ikimashou?"

Her hand was grabbed by Misaki's as she was ready to leave with her new lover. "Ikimashou." Jura opened the door for Misaki to exit, then she followed her outside closing the door gently.


Collaboration with :iconkirayamato74: on this heartwarming Christmas story. Hope you all enjoy this wondrous tale.

Jura Yukinoshita, Kanata Takizawa, & Tamao Silver (C) :iconkirayamato74:

Misaki Aoki (C) me
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Certainly. :)
TerRYLy0n10 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013
Happy Cry - Smiley  That is one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever seen. Cutie Holiday Give Gift - 13 NaNoEmo #29 

:luv:   Jura and Misaki are such a cute pair. Aww 
DarkHalo791 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013
Thank you, glad you like it. ^^
KiraYamato74 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this Christmas image of Jura and Misaki under the mistletoe! :)
DarkHalo791 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013
A kiss under the mistletoe is a pleasant sight. Whether it's yuri or not. :love:
KiraYamato74 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
In this case, it's a very pleasant sight! Mi-Ju have had a perfectly good Christmas. ^^
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