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Mi-Ju Days: Path to Pro Chapter 5 by DarkHalo791 Mi-Ju Days: Path to Pro Chapter 5 by DarkHalo791
"Ne, where's the hospital where your mother's staying at, Mi-chan?" Jura asks, holding her hand.  They're approaching the station, hearing the crunch of snow under their feet.

"Whenever I leave the gym, there's a bus stop outside in the front." Misaki said looking at her girlfriend. "The bus that comes takes me to the hospital, I just wait 4 minutes once I get on the bus."

"Hmmm, I think I know that hospital.  It's the closest one to the gym, a-and I've been there after one really hard...well, violent sparring match against the biggest bully girl who pushed me around.  That..was a couple years ago," Jura recollected as the train arrived and the raven haired girls got on.

"Ouch. Did you showed her that your strong later on?" She asked when they sat down on the passenger side seats.

Jura held onto Misaki's hand still, squeezing it gently at times, "Un. got violent for both of us, and..we bot ended up in the hospital.  I got the worst of it, but...she finally saw that I wasn't going away, or cowering from her anymore.  She...we made up and now she doesn't bother me any more."

"Oh, well that's...good." She yawned blinking 3 times. "I'm so... glad that you made... friends at the gym."

"Un.  My three other friends were proud.  I wish I could've told my mother, but she...would've ignored me, wondering why I didn't take care of it sooner, why I was a weak girl.  Anyway...I want to forget about that  Mi-chan?"

"D-doushita?" Misaki asked tiredly.

Jura lets Misaki's hand go, lifting it up to put around her shoulders, "You look sleepy.  Tsukareta ka?  It's still 15 minutes to the gym..."

The sleepy girl slowly moved her head upwards to see Jura. "Eeetoo, I put in almost my entire energy into our match yesterday... and with the beat down I gave you draining me... and the beat down you gave wearing me down... I've become exhausted. This is the first time it's happened."

Jura leans Misaki over so her head rests on her shoulder, "Saa, take a short nap, then.  I'll wake you when we get close to our stop, ne?"  Jura could feel the warmth of Misaki's body against hers, and she hoped her head was comfortable on her shoulder.

"Sure... mmmm...." Misaki hummed, "You're really... kind..." Now she was asleep while Jura looks at the peaceful sight of Misaki.

Jura looked at the sleepy raven haired girl she's fallen in love with.  She couldn't help but smile and let a tear drop from her eye, Mi-chan...Misaki-chan.  For so long, even though I had some close friends with me, there's never been someone I've been able to share my thoughts, or pour my own feelings out to.  That little apartment...I've felt so terribly alone since mother put me there.  Now, here you are.  You've watched me longer than I've realized, and we had the fortune to meet for real on Halloween, Jura stroked Misaki's long hair with her other hand, and then we shared our greatest the ring together. I never....never want to leave you..."

When the speed of the train slowed down,Jura was sure to poke sleepy Misaki's right cheek twice. "Uuumm..." Misaki muttered "Ju-chan..."

Jura poked her right cheek again, and her forehead gently, "It's our stop, sleepy Misaki-chan," She smiled warmly at her.

"Ah..." she yawned joyfully, "Alright then, let's go to the bus stop. We're almost there."

Jura walked with Misaki hand in hand away from the station near the gym.  The snow was gently falling, making Christmas day evening seem like a magical atmosphere.  It took a few minutes for them to get to the bus, and neither girl said anything to each other.  All they did was hold hands and smile at one another.  It was all they needed to do.  Five minutes later, the bus arrived and they got on for the short ride to the hospital, "So...we're almost there, Mi-chan," Jura softly said.

"Un." She replied, "You'll soon see what my mother is like."  Misaki wraps her shoulder around Jura in a lovingly embrace. "I wanted you to know a mother's love, and you'll soon get it... as your Christmas present."

Jura offered the window seat to Misaki while she took the aisle one beside her.  Not many people were on the bus this evening.  Most were in the romantic spots for couples already, "I-I'm a little nervous, meeting your mother, Mi-chan. This..this good news is something that you should share with her...only you two, desu ne? Does..she even know about me?"

"After Halloween, I went to the hospital to talk with my mother... about meeting with a certain boxing witch for the first time, I talked with her for most of the time I spent to visit." She stretched her arm around Jura to bring her closer. "I told her about you... about your mother... and that you never was acknowledged by her. Demo anata wo shinjite ita. As I watched you grow strong and fast, I told okaasan that you would be my first opponent; that's when she praised you for being talented."

Jura blushes, looking down a little and smiles, "Eh, eto...sou desu ne.  I've never had praise f-from someone I've never met before.  Maybe...maybe you'll show her the match on YouTube or something later.  Demo...I'm happy you told her about me.  I'd feel awkward, otherwise."

The idea of showing her mother the video later made Misaki giggled. "Later you say?"

Jura giggled with Misaki, "R-right.  All she has to do is look at our faces to find out what happened."

*Bus stop announcement* "This stop is Tokyo Memorial Hospital.  The next stop is Memorial Gardens."

Jura grabbed her lover's hand leading them out of the bus, the door closes behind them, and set off once more. The golden eyed girl planned something before the match. "She already looked at our faces... last night."
Jura's eyes widen with mild surprise, "EH?  S-she did?  Douyatte?"  she said, matching Misaki's walking stride.

"There was a TV in the room she stayed in for her to watch yesterday's event. After Maria-san's and Tamao-sama's berried emotions match, and after Tamao-sama arranged our match, I informed her the night before it took place. So she is aware of your existence to." She closed her eyes giving Jura a bright smile.

Sou nano desu," Jura says with a smile, "Then I'll feel a little better meeting her for the first time.  I've only been in this hospital once, so I don't remember it well.  I'll let you lead the way to where your mother's room is."

A step into the hospital, Misaki sees someone on the right she knows. "Oba Konami!"

Hearing her name called, the adult shifted her head to the entrance and sees her neice. "Oh! Misaki-san." Konami exclaimed walking up to her, "I'm glad to see you here. I wanted to give you something."

The lady reveals a bag that has a few things stored in them, she takes one present out, and hands it to the young girl. When she opens it, she gasped at the clothing inside: a kimono with so many faces of a kitten all over it! This got Misaki clinging onto her aunt for giving her a cute gift.

"Arigatou, Oba Konami!"

"Now, now, Misaki-san." She said patting her head, "this is your reward for that fantastic display in your first boxing match. And this girl next to you..." Konami turned her head to Jura, "she's the kind girl that you told me and Noemi about, ne?"

Jura snaps to attention and bows deeply with polite intention, "AH, hajimemashite!!  Atashi ha...Y-Yukinoshita Jura to moushimasu," she rights herself to address the woman who had spoken to her, "T-thank you for caring for Misaki-chan so much."

"No dear," Konami responded as she touched Jura's shoulder, "Thank you for caring about Misaki-chan, you were the first friend she had ever had, and the first outside of our family to bond with her."

Jura stares at this interesting woman who seems to know a few things about her, "I-Iya desu yo, you're too kind.  I'm just doing what I can for Mi-chan, after all.  She really is a good girl, and...will be a great boxer, too!"

"Misaki-san was right," the aunt grinned to Jura, "you do make the perfect girlfriend for her."

Jura blushed brightly, looking between Konami and Misaki with swift head movements, "EH? EH? EH? EHHHH? S-she said that??"

"No!" A red-faced Misaki interrupted, "I said you would be the only to forge close relationship with me!"

Jura grabbed onto Misaki's shoulders, facing the woman, "A-ahaha, sou da yo!  I-I'm sure that's what she meant, ne, Mi-chan?"

"Ahahahaha!" Just then, Konami's phone rang interrupting her fun, "Sorry, Misaki-san, but I have to attend to a party now, as much as I want to stay here, your mother says she's alright with me leaving the hospital, thanks for coming to fill in that empty spot, Misaki-san."

"Well of course." She said enthusiastically, "she's the gentle mother who raised me, so I can't leave her alone. Besides... she'll finally be able to come out of the hospital."

"Eh." Konami wasn't expecting this, "What are you saying?"

Jura finally composes herself after a deep breath, "Ah, well...I really want Misaki-chan and I to tell her mother directly, but...let's just say that I made a donation toward helping with her heart condition from some of the prize money I won by fighting Mi-chan here."

"Really?" The donation gave Misaki's relative hope. "Jura-san, is it?" She walked up to her and landed the palm of her hand on Jura's head before giving her a wink. "Thank you for being generous. You're as pure as Misaki-san.

Jura smiles and closes her eyes from the kind gesture, "Iie, i-it's the least I can do..since, I never had the kind of mother she has.  I want...her to have that happiness I was never able to have."

"If that's so..." She pointed her finger in the direction leading to a hallway, "... go to Noemi, she'll be glad to here the news."

"Un! Come on, Ju-chan!" Misaki grabs Jura's hand to follow her on their way to Noemi Aoki's room while Konami was leaving the lobby feeling happy.

Sis. You have every right to be proud of your daughter, Misaki-san.

"Ah, h-hai. Matte yo, Misaki-chan!" Jura feels the tug on her arm by an excited Misaki headed toward her mother's hospital room.

"Gomen." Misaki slows down for Jura to walk on the same level with her. "It's just that this night will be great for okaasan."

"Y-y-yeah, I-I'm sure it is, Mi-chan," Jura stammers out, still blushing from what Konami said about being the perfect girlfriend for Misaki.

"A-about what Oba Konami said earlier, she—" then Misaki was stopped by Jura.

"I' my best to be that...for you, Mi-chan." She said, holding onto Misaki's arm tightly, looking at her with a bright blush on her face.
"So will I... Ju-chan," Misaki responded, "I want to be close to you so that you would never feel the void stamped in your heart... as you had fill in the void in my heart."

Jura pulls Misaki's arm hard enough to pull her into her embrace, "Zutto issho ni...let's be together, Mi-chan..."

"Yakusoku shimasu."

As they ended their embrace, in front of them was the door that would take them to the room where Misaki's mother will be waiting in. Waiting for her daughter, Misaki Aoki, and her friend, Jura Yukinoshita. Misaki grasp hold of the door knob, then she saw another hand grabbing her hand. When she looked to the right, Jura happily smiled at her implying that she's ready to go in with her. Both turned the door knob together, sliding the door open. And there she was... Noemi Aoki.

"You're here at last... Mi-chan." The mother said weakly, yet joyfully.

"Un." Misaki walked up to the bed to give her mother a warm, soft hug, so that she won't be squeezing her body stricken with illness. Then she turned sideways to let her see Jura.

"You must be Misaki's special friend, yes?" Noemi asked kindly.

Jura's still a little nervous meeting Misaki's mother for the first time, "Ah..e-eto..Yu-Yukinoshita Jura to moushmasu. It's...very nice to meet you, Aoki-san," she bows politely to Noemi.

She felt one her side bangs being tangle in gentle manner by a hand, and Jura looked up to see Noemi's smile. "I am please to meet you, Jura-san. And grateful for you to stand by Mi-chan's side. From what I heard, you've been getting along with her."

Jura warmly smiles toward this woman she's meeting for the first time, "H-hai.  We..get along so very well.  Misaki-chan is such a kind and hard working girl.  I'm happy to know her.  Very happy..."

"And judging by the way she talked about you," she looked at her child for a brief moment, "it seems that you two are really close, aren't you?"

Jura looks at Misaki, then to Noemi, then back to Misaki, holding her by the waist, "Eh, y-you might say that.  Bruises and all.  Gomen, for not looking better in meeting you for the first time,"

"No need for that, child." Noemi soothed her raising her hand, and softly rubbing the palm of it on Jura's bruised cheek. "They're a symbol that shows that you know how to fight valiantly, just like Mi-chan, who always admired you."

Jura reaches out to touch Noemi's arm, "Hai, she also fought bravely yesterday, and I learned that she's watched me for longer than I thought.  It was like she was supporting me from afar before I really met her.  Your daughter's so....special to me."

"Do you really mean it?" The mother asked happily.

"Yes, I really do mean it.  That's why...when I found out about your condition...I showed how much she means to me earlier today.  Ne, Misaki-chan?" Jura looks over to Misaki, beaming a warm smile.

"Hai," Misaki walked up to Jura holding her hand, "Ju-chan was willing to do something for me... being generous..." She began to let out tiny bits of tears, but still smiled in front of both her mother and Jura while wiping away her tears.

"She fought so hard in our match, most of all for your sake.  I defeated her, but I couldn't let her dream just vanish like that," she pulled out a piece of printed paper containing the bank transfer made earlier in the day, "So I donated $75,000 of the $100,000 winner's prize to her so she could fund your heart surgery, Aoki-san.  I...never had happy times with my mother.  I want...I want her to have many of those times with her mother."

Noemi was astonished by Jura's kindness, now she was the one who felt like crying, but she could only settle for the brightest smile she can make for Jura. "If only this disease wasn't wearing me down, I would be crying, because my little Mi-chan found someone she truly loves."
Jura leans in a little, speaking quietly, "One day very, very soon you'll be able to show Mi-chan everything you want to show her.  All of your feelings without fearing any condition in your body, Aoki-san.  I...didn't want to let Mi-chan down.  I want her to have what I never had.  Mother's love. Mine....threw me out of her heart." Jura said that last part with a bit of sadness on her face.

"Yes... you grew up without her respect, haven't you?" The she turned her attention to her daughter, "Mi-chan, you may go find my doctor to tell him that I'm ready to for the procedure. You do know who he is right?" 

"Dr. Magoko," Misaki recalled, "where is he now?"

"He should be at the reception office, that's what I heard a few minutes before you two came in," Noemi answered signaling with her eyes that she wants to speak to tend to Jura which she agrees to.

"I'll go look for him." She ran out of the room hoping that the two ladies in the room will get to know each other.

"You have feelings for Mi-chan, correct?" She asked.

Jura was looking at the door that Misaki just disappeared through, then snapped her attention to Noemi, "EH? E-eto...anooo, y-yes, I do.  A-actually, she's...been looking at me for a long time now, hasn't she?

"She has, and she's looking at you eye to eye at last. It's good to see her having someone of her age to comfort" She looked out of the window showing signs of sorrow for her daughter. "Mi-chan... always grew up alone, without anyone from her school to stand up for her. I can  only imagine what it would've happened to her if she hadn't met you." Noemi lean closer to Jura wrapping her fragile arms around the back of the young fighter.

Jura gently places a hand on one of Noemi's arms.  The warmth of her hand runs through to Noemi's arm, "Iie, I'm so happy that I can be there for Mi-chan now.  I was bullied through high school, and even worse at my gym, but I always had some good friends to help me until I could fight my own battles.  The one thing I was missing was encouragement from a caring mother.  Misaki-chan is so fortunate to have that.  I'll...never let her be alone again."

Noemi liked hearing those words, "How long have you knew each other?"

Jura turned her body around so she could better address Noemi, "Well, we really only met face to face at Tamao Silver's Boxing Halloween party, but in a way, Misaki-chan met me three years ago, watching me from far away,"

"What did you felt in your heart when you discovered Mi-chan had watched you secretly?" She continued as she reached her hand out to feel the soft central spot of Jura's head covered by raven hair. "It sounded like you two had done a lot of things together, wanting to give each other something to fill in the voids within both of you."

Jura didn't flinch from the tender touch of Noemi's hand.  It was something she'd never felt before.  The tenderness that only a caring mother could give, "Surprise...and happiness, that somebody, anybody has ever thought of me in that way.  Nobody's ever looked up to me the way she has, and we have a lot in common with our life experiences.  Difficulties with tormentors, the need for someone to reach out to, the wish to be loved by caring parents, and someone we can hold dear to our hearts." Jura stopped for a moment to catch her breath and wipe a tear from her eye...

"We...trained so much together ever since meeting each other, and we've come to know each other well.  I'm...even inviting her to stay with me, since her arrangement for living is a little unsure.  The company so wonderful."

"The company, you say?" Noemi wondered

Jura looked down to the floor, " alone.  I've lived like that for more than two years.  When I was 17...even though I did well at school, and tried my best in boxing despite losing many of my sparring matches, my mother...threw me out of the house," Her voice was a little shaky, "Even a 97% on a test...and she'd wonder where that 3% went,"

"She'd see the weekly sparring standings, and see me at or near the bottom, viewing me as a failure.  She's a businesswoman.  A ruthless one that despises looking at anything she thinks is a failure.  I got sick many times when I was younger, and I was clumsy.  She hated that I never measured up to Aria-neesan.  One day, I came home, and my things were gone.  Just like that, she moved me out of sight to a small apartment near the aquarium.  She'd only lend money support until I got my pro-trial, and even THEN, she barely paid attention.  I had enough of being made to feel after I won my trial...I turned my back on her," Jura stopped.  Tears streamed down her cheeks.

The sight of Jura crying and hearing her past being in ruins due to ruthlessness of her mother touched Noemi. When Misaki told her about wanting Jura to come to the hospital, she believed that she wanted to give Jura a Christmas present, a wish that the elder lady will be happy to grant. "Such a cruel tyrant, she has become the one thing she despised: a failure who gave up on her promising daughter. All of your work has given you confidence, acknowledgement from friends, and a special admiration from Mi-chan."

Demonstrating her high opinion of Jura, she kissed the forehead section of the teary-eyed girl. "You are also the star pupil of Tamao Silver."

Jura's tears wouldn't stop flowing.  She closed her eyes, not familiar with the kindness Noemi is displaying, "D-doumo.  She's very proud of how I've progressed since I started training,'s like I have nobody else, no family who can genuinely say...'Jura-chan, you did it. You were awesome,'  Every girls wants to hear that from their mother, or father.  I've spent my life never hearing that from okaasan. No birthdays to celebrate, and Christmas always being alone..,"

"Listen, Jura-san." Noemi closed her eyes. "After seeing my little Mi-chan finally have someone to connect with, I don't have any worries of her future, because I entrust her heart to you. My responsibilities as a mother were the cause of her suffering for as long as I can remember." She soon opened them halfway feeling responsible for this mess. "I couldn't stay by my daughter's side starting a while back, and you were there to give hope. So I thank you."

Jura softly responded, "D-doumo," but then her eyes widened as she held on to Noemi's shoulders gently, "I-IE!!  Y-you shouldn't blame your condition for making Misaki-chan suffer.  You were always there with spirit, in her heart. She always did everything for you.  She was strong because of you, because she believed in what she was doing, Noemi-san. I can't be a replacement to you, but I will...never leave Mi-chan alone.  Ever.  You are the best mother she could ever have. She...has something I never had.  I'm not envious.  I'm just...happy for her."

"And I wish for her to be happy with you. Throughout the years she grew up, I've chosen to stay by her side until she shined just as her eyes do, because she met someone who shared the same struggles at last. I don't see you as a replacement, Jura-san, but..." She holds Jura's hand with her own two making a bold statement smiling, "I see you as Mi-chan's dream."

Jura stammers from hearing those words, "M-Mi-chan's....Dream?"

"That's right." Noemi expressed confidently. "It was your dedication to the sport that Mi-chan continues, your will to never give up gave her courage, your heart bundled up in kindness gave birth to Mi-chan's feelings towards you."

Jura's tears continued streaming down her cheeks, "I...I'll do my best never to betray Mi-chan's feelings, Noemi-san," she leaned forward, resting her forehead on Noemi's shoulder lightly, "Why....oh why couldn't my own mother be like you? I've grown up never knowing what having a kind mother is like."

The kind mother of Misaki touched the side of Jura's back. "I may not have the answer for that, but I will watch over you and Mi-chan whenever you two step into a ring to fight your opponents. As soon as I'm transfer out of the hospital, Konami will allow me to stay with her from now on; with that, I won't be a burden on both of you." She turned Jura's head to look at each other with their eyes. "There's an amusement park I take Mi-chan with me during Spring,  I can take you along with us when the season comes."

Jura gently wrapped her arms around the bed-ridden Noemi in a calm embrace, "D-doumo, Noemi-san.  I hope you're well enough by then to go there, all of us together," Her eyes were moist from the stream of tears falling over her cheeks, "Y-you're being so kind to me..."

"I'm a mother," she stated, 'I acknowledge those have a good spirit, and those with pure hearts, including you." Noemi raised her index finger to wipe away the rest of the tears off of Jura's watery eyes. "You comfort my daughter when she had doubts about herself, so I shall comfort you for your sad past."

Jura slowly drops down to her knees in front of Noemi, "A-arigatou, Noemi-san.  I..." she sobs a little, "I....have no mother.  Not one that ever cared.  It's been so hard to do things without one to encourage me on, or hold me when I was hurt, or got sick.  It was....lonely when all of that happened the last few years.  I hardly know you, and's like you've been my own mother all this time, the way you treat me.  I'm...ureshii desu."

"It's okay, Jura-san. You've already cried enough. Letting out your emotions made you feel better, correct?" The question actually came to Jura's head, and she was indeed right.

"U-un.  Much...better. D-doumoooo, Noemi-san," She stands back up so she can look at Noemi in the eyes again, "Misaki-chan's been lucky to have such a good mother to watch over her,"

"And you know something," she giggled giving Jura a cute wink, "I'm lucky to have you... as a soon-to-be daughter-in-law."

"Hai," Jura stated.  Then she thought for a moment.  Then her eyes popped open as wide as dinner plates, her body staggering backward a few steps, "Eh....EH..EHHHH??? D-D-D-Daughter-in-l-l-l-law??? A-ano...eto...anoooooo," Jura's face flushed full red.

"What about a daughter?" Jura directed her attention to the surprised girl, Misaki, who just came in.

Jura's face was still flush, "EH?  M-Mi-chan?  How long were you..?"

"I was near the room, and..." it was her turn to blush completely, "I heard everything from how I was lucky to have a good mother."

Jura scratches the back of her head, sheepishly smiling, "A-ahaha...well, It's true, and it's what I think," She slowly picks herself up to look at Misaki, "D-daughter....or Daughter......i-in...l-law...anyone of those sounds...great,"

"A-A-ANYWAYS!" Misaki shouted in order to move onto another topic, "Dr. Magoko says that in 3 days, the angioplasty operation will commence then. You need to prepare for that they, okaasan."

"I see, that's good news." Noemi responded cheerfully.

Then Misaki continued as she grabbed Jura's shoulder. "And right now, he said that visiting hours are about to be over in a few minutes, which means Ju-chan and I will have to leave."

Jura looked at Misaki, smiling and still a little flush in the face, then addressed Noemi, "Ah, Zannen desu.  I was hoping for more time to....know you more, Noemi-san.  It's been so nice to meet you, and help you with your condition.  Mi-chan really is lucky to have a mother like you."

"I'll always be grateful to you Jura-san, for helping me, and especially for helping my daughter." She lowered her head onto the soft pillow while facing them. "Cherish her feelings."

Jura bowed politely, "Ah..d-doumooo," She smiled again, "I will.  Every day!"

"And my dear Mi-chan, even though I entrusted you to Jura-san, I'll watch you stand strong whenever you get into a boxing match, cheering for you... because you'll always be my pride, zutto." The mother expressed her weepy happiness speaking to them in the same way the two girls speak.

"I won't let you down, mother." Misaki came close to her gentle mother to deliver one more Christmas hug. "I'll always be strong for you, tsuyoi okaasan."

Jura stood by the door, looking at Misaki and her mother, "I wish I grew up with a mother like that," She whispered to herself, "V-visiting hours are over...Let's..go and let your mother rest, Mi-chan."

"Un," she agree before breaking the hug to face her only caring parent with her eyes, "good bye mother. We'll be back in 3 days to support you for the angioplasty day."

Moving upwards Noemi gave a kiss to Misaki's cheek. "Until then, merry Christmas, Mi-chan. And merry Christmas to you to, Jura-san."

Jura bows politely, "Merry Christmas, Noemi-san.  And speedy recovery for you, too." She opens the door, waiting for Misaki to join her.
Once Misaki leaves with Jura closing the door, Noemi closed her eyes relieved to see her daughter smile brightly. Mi-chan, you've gain a girl's respect, even far beyond it. I'm really proud to call you my daughter.


An hour later, the two raven haired beauties left the train station and casually walked toward Jura's apartment.  It would now be where Misaki will call home as well, since Jura welcomed her there only a few short hours before. It was cold outside in the frosty evening, but both girls wanted to enjoy their time together the most.  They walked on, listening to the crunching sounds of snow under their feet, smiling and holding hands.

"Your so kind, Mi-chan.  I've never felt that kind of warmth from mine. Ever. But...daughter-in-law?? Hmmm," she blushed brightly.

"Oh... that, etoooooooooo..." Misaki said being shy once more. "Well she was just teasing us lightly. It's something a mother would do."

Jura giggled lightly, "S-sou desu yo.  I-I mean we just met and all, and we're...we're d...d-dating now? Though..I didn't say anything like that to her." she squeezed Misaki's hand a little in between her words.

"I think it's safe to say that she already knew." She responded calmly.

Jura pulled Misaki closer to her so their shoulders met between their clenched hands, "Is that what they call....mother's intuition?"

"Un. She always had a good eye when noticing something," Misaki's hand hold onto Jura's tightly, "that's why she wishes the best for us both."

Jura could feel a chill running through her body as they approached her apartment building, "Brrrrr...It's a c-cold one tonight.  I think a hot bath before bed time would be good idea,"

"I might take one, t-to," the other raven haired agreed while stuttering a bit from the cold wind pushing forward against her body.

Both girls entered the building and rode the elevator up to the 5th floor.  Once they got to the door, Jura unlocked it, then stepped in first, turning to face Misaki.  She had a warm smile on her face, with her arms stretched out, "Misaki-chan, Okaerinasai,"

"Arigatou, Jura-chan." Misaki came close to Jura, stretching her own arms out, embracing Jura to share their warmth.

"Mmmmm," Jura feels Misaki's warmth.  She presses her forehead against Misaki's, "Such a nice Christmas.  You're not just my friend anymore, girlfriend, ne?" She smiles again at Misaki, tightening her embrace.

"Mm-hm," She hummed squirming her right arm between their bodies upward to touch Jura's cheek, "Ju-chan, I promise to stay by your side, because..." once she blinked, her eyes were more glamorous than they were before "you're my girlfriend to."

Jura giggled softly, giving Misaki a short kiss on the lips, "Desu yo ne."

Then Misaki notice something by a touch on Jura's cheek. "Feels as if you're the one who's colder than me. I'll let you take a bath before me."

"Brrrr, m-maybe you're right," she takes her coat off, offering to hang up Misaki's coat as well.  Taking her shoes off, she goes and gets her pajamas and makes for the bathroom, "M-make yourself comfortable, Mi-chan.  Put on any music you like, or turn on the TV.  I'll let you know when you can take your bath, ne?"

"Okay." With that, Jura went to the bathroom to get the water ready for her body to soak in comfortably. Misaki turn on the radio to find another music that she would favor. At last, she found one with an upbeat sound to it: Last Night, Good Night by Hatsune Miku.

Ju-chan has great taste in music. Hearing this would make anyone fall to sleep happily.

Jura washed herself off, the hot water fell down her trim and toned body like a cascading waterfall. Minutes later, she dipped herself up to her neck into the deep bathtub, feeling a comforting warmth around her, "HMMMMM, this feels so good now," She closed her eyes, thinking about the last few months.  Meeting Misaki at the Halloween party, training together, revealing their personal struggles and finding out just how similar their experiences were.  And finally...their brutal match and sweet Christmas.  What a fantastic ride filled with feelings, emotions and hardship, "But now we can face everything together.  Ne, Mi-chan?" She began humming the music she heard through the bathroom door.

"Sou desu." Misaki replied. "We've been through a lot lately, trading a few candy apples, watching boxing matches together, training with each other to become strong together, our fun-filled match yesterday, and today when we gave each other gifts that we had never expected to get right away. Yet you were the one who gave me more gifts, is there anything else I can do for you while we have time left before our Christmas falls into slumber?"'

Jura sunk her body so her head is only halfway above the steaming hot water.  Her eyes were closed, humming the music from the iTunes playlist, feeling the soothing warmth of the water, and of the memories made today, "Ii kimochiiiiii,"

"Eh? You said something, Jura-chan?" Misaki asked not hearing Jura's words properly.

"Eh? feels good in here, the hot water desu neeee," Jura wasn't aware she was speaking louder than she realized.

"Uwaaaaahhh," The girl laying on the bed yawned calmly, "It is, huh? I wonder how the water really feels."

Jura hums, thinking aloud, "Mmmm, come in here and find out,"

Misaki was shocked to hear that. "Ehhhh?!" She was in a state of confusion, but then she thought about it for a minute. I-I suppose it's fair f-f-f-f-fo-for me to share the b-b-b-ba-bath with Ju-chan. And she is giving m-m-me permission to c-c-c-come in.

Jura continued to lounge in the hot bathwater, seemingly lost in the warm sensations coursing over her body.  It was welcome after being out in the cold, though being with Misaki helped keep some of that away, "hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, Miiiiisakiiiii-channnn, hmm, hmm."

"Hai?" The sound of Misaki's voice catches Jura's attention as she opened her eyes. Apparently, Jura was too comfortable to hear the sounds of Misaki entering the bath tub, until Misaki called out to her up close.

"Hmmm, hmm," Jura opened her eyes, turning her head to see where the voice came from, "Hm? EHH?? M-M-Mi-chan??" her brown puppy dog eyes were wide  open.

"Ano, you said I could come in... remember...?" She was flushed from seeing the entirety of Jura's body.

"AH...I-I did? Hontou desu ka?" Jura stammered, looking at Misaki's body for the first time without clothing on. She blushed, looking at her well toned body, as toned as her own, "K-kireii.., Ahh, w-well.  You're here, so....come...on in,"

"Unnnnnnnnn. Just to be sure we're both warm," Misaki moved close to Jura, surprising her with a naked hug, rubbing her wet body against her girlfriend's, "here."

Jura blushed, but didn't flinch from the contact.  She had clinched her several times in their match, so it was nothing new; well yes, it was, but she knew what her body felt like, "Hmmm, you're...v-very...beautiful.  N-nice body, Misaki-chan. So firm and strong."

"Yours is just as beautiful as mines, Ju-chan. A soft feeling around your body, but strong within it." Then she directed her attention to Jura's face. "Seeing your expression now is... really cute."

Jura's arms wrapped around Misaki's shoulders, her face was still flush, "D-doumooo," She sheepishly said, " kind of nice to be this close in here,"

"Because I'm here with you," She tighten her grasp on Jura's waist gently, "and you're here with me."

Jura remains speechless for a moment, her face still flush from the sudden visit.  She then slowly and gently raises her hand to caress Misaki's cheek and lips with her free hand, "Un.  Because we're here together now.  For always."

"Even though the hot water is nice," Misaki continued, "you are warmer than the water now that I feel it."

"Sou desu ka?" Jura asked, gently holding Misaki's head with her right hand.  She's slowly drawing her closer to her own face.

"It's true, Ju-chan." Misaki moves head closer to Jura's so that she could make this right one more time for the winter holiday, with Jura's help.

"For the first time, I've had a warm and happy Christmas....because I met you, Mi-chan." She drew Misaki's head closer still to hers, tilting her own head a little.

"Those times we shared when we crossed paths, they were amazing, but this day... is what made me truly happy, Ju-chan." And when their heads was less than an inch away from each other, they finally pulled it off: they made the kiss between them right! Lips feeling the soft moisture, tongues swirling, and the feelings connected through this magical touch. As the kiss was deepened for a brief moment, both girls were starting to feel somnolent.

Jura, deepening the kiss between her and Misaki, strokes her hair gently with her right hand as her left stays wrapped around her waist.  She lets her tongue swirl passionately for a few moments, "Mmmm, I want this to really last forever."

"But it seems," Misaki sleepily said, "we both can't stay in the bathtub any longer."

"Hmm, I'm warmed up enough...more than enough thanks to you that I'm ready for a good night's sleep," Jura said, pecking Misaki's lips once again, "Especially....since we beat each other up last night, ne?"

"Hai," Misaki touched Jura's clean cheek now that there bodies have been cleansed of bruises, "You always look pretty, even showing your bruised face after a match."

Jura's fingers trace through Misaki's long, raven hair, "Kochira koso.  You look beautiful, even now after we've had a hard fight in the ring together.  Nobody's...every been this kind to me before."

"This is the first time another girl says I'm beautiful, even though I look like I've been through a brutal roughhouse." She stand up in front of Jura, revealing her exposed body to the girl who was staring in awe.

"Uuuaaahhhh," Jura marvels at the sight of Misaki's full body.  She picks herself up from the bath to stand in front of Misaki, giving her a good look at her own firm, toned and shapely body. "D-dou?"

"So smooth," Misaki complimented after Jura's body was displayed in front of her, and chuckled a bit. "You win again, Ju-chan." The girl of envy grabbed a towel to dry herself up.

Jura giggled as she dried herself off with her own towel, grabbing the hair dryer afterward.  "Hai, let me dry your hair, Mi-chan," she turns the dryer on, letting warm air blow on Misaki's body playfully.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh," she responded in a relaxed manner, "good aim you have there."

"Hahaha, kimochi ii?" Jura giggles as she carefully dries Misaki's smooth, raven hair.

Once her hair has been dried, Misaki wanted to return the favor, "You're next Ju-chan."

"Hai," she turned herself around so Misaki could dry her long hair.  It flowed down to almost reach her bottom, "Mmmmm, feels good!"

"Sou desu ka?" Misaki asked while waving the hair dryer carefully drying Jura's hair nicely. "Mou tanoshii when it's the two of us! Pretty when our hair is flowing to!"

"Hm, mm.  I only let it out when it's bedtime.  Normally I leave it braided so it's not messy when I go out." Jura says as she enjoys the warmth of the hair dryer.

"Either way you keep your hair in order, you'll still look beautiful." Replied her affectionate partner. After drying each others hair, they move onto be enveloped in pajamas.

Jura turned her laptop off and closed the lid.  She turned the bedside lamp on before turning the main ceiling light off.  She sat down on the futon, stretching her arms up high, "HMMmmmmm, what a great Christmas this has been!"

The bed futon was nice and comfy; Misaki was on Jura's right side facing her from behind. "You said it, Ju-chan. Who knew that this year would turn out splendid for the both of us?"

Jura tilted her head upward, "Sou desu ne.  We had a match on Christmas Eve, we had...a date today, and I finally met your mother. Now, you'll keep me company here and that's what I love about this Christmas the most."

"So, Ju-chan," calling her name, Misaki pulled her clothing softly, "I was thinking..."

Jura turns to face Misaki, "Hm?  Nanda, Mi-chan?"

"Whenever we go to sleep together," her cheeks were flushed with beet red, "perhaps we can hug each other as we sleep."

Jura blushed lightly at the idea.  She slide her body onto the futon, getting under the duvet, "Y-you mean like a big teddy bear? I-Ii yo,"

"T-that's one way to put it." She stretched her arms out to inviting the other raven haired girl to come close.

Jura smiled warmly, gazing at Misaki.  She shuffled her body into Misaki's outstretched arms, wrapping hers around her waist, pressing her forehead onto Misaki's. "Like...this?"

"Sou." She was very happy to have someone like Jura to be with her in the night. "This is the best feeling that I ever gotten while hugging you."

"I'll never feel alone again, because you're right here," Jura softly says, "and, you'll have a mother to be with for all of those special days now, for a long, long time."

"And you'll be right there with us," Misaki replied calmly, "you still have time for someone to be a kind mother-figure for you, so you won't be alone as much as you were before."

Jura tightens her embrace, "S-sou desu.  Sou desu," she leans her head forward, resting it on Misaki's shoulder.

"Goodnight Ju-chan. Anata wo daisuki... zutto daisuki."

"Oyasumi, Mi-chan," Jura softly says, almost in a whisper, "Itsumo...daisuki da yo,"

Two raven haired boxing beauties resting close to each other, holding their bodies together, covered by the duvet, and free from the hatred in the past they both endured with sorrow. With Christmas about to enter its slumber for one year, the girls were now happily asleep, full of joy because they told each other how they felt. The last music of the day had played in their heads until they slowly closed their eyes shut when midnight came; it definitely was... a "last night", and a "good night".


Collaboration with :iconkirayamato74: on this heartwarming Christmas story. Hope you all enjoy this wondrous tale.

Jura Yukinoshita & Tamao Silver (C) :iconkirayamato74:

Maria Hernandez: :iconyuukimmd:

Misaki Aoki & Noemi Aoki (C) me
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